Major benefits of SureTrader

Trading has been a major means of income for some people. Some people trade as a source of living. Some people have even taken the business of trading further as they help others to trade. They receive capital from other people who are interested in trading but do not know the technicalities and want a trusted hand to help them with the trading. They subsequently do the trading and return the profits to the owner of the money based on predefined terms while keeping some parts of the profit. One of the platforms people use for trading is SureTrader. This article will discuss the major benefits of SureTrader.

Day Trading

One of the major aspects of trading people are interested in is day trading. However, there is a limit of 25,000 USD for those who want to participate in day trading. With SureTrader, it is possible to day trade without having the 25,000 USD. The implication is that you can day trade with a much lesser amount than 25,000 USD. For as low as 500 USD, you would have the opportunity to day trade on SureTrader. They relaxed the condition with the hope of making them more competitive and to attract the day traders that cannot meet the 25,000 USD criteria. You can read about SureTrader to know more about their services.


One of the worst experiences a trader can have is to successfully trade and make a profit but not able to withdraw the profits. There are many ways this issue could arise, it could be the sudden disappearance of the brokerage firm’s website or the withdrawal being placed on pending. There are also cases where the person cannot find where to withdraw on the website or none of the payment methods are available in the area they reside in. With SureTrader, you would not have to worry about problems with withdrawal as they have several withdrawal methods and their process for withdrawal is very simple and straight forward. All you might want to confirm before you start trading on the platform is that they have a payment method that you can use from the area you reside in. To withdraw from SureTrader, all you have to do is sign into your account and click on the tab labeled banking. Choose to withdraw, select the withdrawal method you prefer, enter amount and other details and you would get your money.


You can easily fund your SureTrader account with your debit or credit card. All you have to do is log into your account and follow the deposit instructions. The money will be instantly credited and available for your transaction.

Compatibility with Mac Computer

One of the challenges people with Mac computers have is finding a trading platform that is compatible with their computer. SureTrader is one of the few trading platforms that are compatible with Mac. The implication is that you could easily trade with your Mac computer. If you are confused, there are tutorials and videos online that guide you on how to trade with SureTrader on Mac computers.