What business apps can you use for your small business?

Today, the use of computers and smartphones are common among business owners. With such devices, we can get a lot done, especially when we have an online business. Even when we have a physical presence, some level of online presence is still important as there are times that a customer will want to make some inquiry before visiting you. They won’t want to waste the time to get to your store only to find out that they can’t achieve the reason they came when they could have just confirmed earlier.

As a small business owner, there are some business apps that you should have. Some of the business apps are discussed subsequently.

Web browser

A web browser is easily one of the apps that you will need regularly as a business owner. You should visit your company website regularly to be sure that everything is in order. You should also read reviews about your company and reviews of your competitor regularly on online reviews platform like Britainreviews.co.uk. With this, it will be easy for you to keep a tab on the performance of your business as documented by those who patronize your business. You might also sometimes need to get some information regarding the latest developments in your business niche. For all of these, you will need a web browser. You will also need a good connection to the Internet. You can read UK telecom companies online reviews to know the right telecom company to subscribe to their internet service.

Email app

From time to time, your customers will want to contact you through e-mail to either complain or make an inquiry. Hence, you should have an email app that is connected to your business mails and that will alert you the instant that a new message is sent to any of the mails. Being able to react to complaints swiftly could save you from getting a negative review that a customer might have left for you if you didn’t answer on them. Replying an inquiry on time could lead to a customer make a purchase that would not have happened if you have delayed the reply and your competitor answered earlier.

Accounting software

The use of accounting software is also important for your small business. The right software should make it easy to organize your finances including income, expenses and profit. It should also be able to help you keep track of your products in terms of the quantity bought or manufactured, quantity sold, and quantity left. You will be able to monitor the growth in sales and ensure that you always have enough products to quickly attend to orders. You will also know when to increase the quantity you produce.


You should have an app that makes it easy for you to make a list and that you can easily access. With such a list, you can quickly put in bullet points of ideas and things to do. Considering how easy it is to forget some important information when we need them, the lists app will always come in handy to document information we want to remember later.


You should also consider getting a good notes app as well. Just like the lists app, it helps you store the information you want to remember later. However, with notes, you can easily add all the details you want to add so that you don’t have to start trying to remember some details about the point you have written. Hence, in cases where just listing out the point will suffice, you can use the lists app. In other cases, where you want to put in the full details, you can use a Notes app.