Why you should consider having a credit card in 2021

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A credit card is a card in a plastic form which enables someone to make payments using the card. It is mostly issued by financial institution and Banks. The basic use of a credit card is that it enables one to make a payment without loading money into the card as it is not linked to any savings or current account. If you need a credit card, you should see financial services companies’ reviews on Britainreviews.co.uk to know the right platform to get a credit card from.

A credit card always has a certain amount of which the credit card holder cannot utilize more than that amount. It is called a credit line. There are so many things that need to be put into consideration before the issuer sets a credit line to its client. Some of the things normally considered are, the net worth of an individual, the credit history, the person’s monthly income and some other factors.

The advantages of having a credit card include but not limited to:

Someone can easily use the credit card to buy things as you do not have to credit the card before using it. Sometimes, one could run out of cash and needs to make some necessary payments or purchases, in this case, the credit card will breach the gap.

Secondly, there are some websites or POS terminals that do not accept the use of any other cards other than a credit card. In this case, it is of great advantage for someone to have a credit card.

A credit card also attributes to the status of an individual. People with credit cards are believed to be of a high reputation because it is believed that the person would have been duly scrutinized before being issued a credit card as people believe they are creditworthy.

Another major advantage of having a credit card is that it allows for payment of large tickets example like when paying for a flight ticket or buying an item which is quite expensive like a deep freezer or a television most times the funds are not readily available but with a credit card, one can make payments of these items once it does not exceed the credit limit on the card.

Disadvantages of having a credit card

One of the major disadvantages of having a credit card is that, if someone is not well disciplined, it will make the person keep spending even if there is no need for what they are buying or paying for especially for the spendthrift.

Secondly, if a credit card is not well kept, fraudsters or illegal users can access the card and make payments or purchases with the card which will end up being the liability of the owner as he or she must pay for what has been incurred using the credit card.

Most times, before being issued a credit card, it has to be tied to collateral, which means that property or funds are being tied to the credit card. In an instance where an individual is not able to pay up the credit card, such assets which are tied to the credit card is been used as a recovery tool to the issuers of the card thereby making the person lose more than what was incurred on the card because this collateral has more value than the line on the card.

Another disadvantage of having a credit card is that it is not free for usage. It always attracts a little percentage of interest while in a case of default, it attracts penal charges which is an extra cost on the credit card holder as against when the person uses his or her debit card.